Typical Blog Post: Cocktail Recipes Volume 1

Since my blog is basically the smut of the blogosphere, I decided I would do a typical blog post showcasing my amazing cocktail skills, reminiscent of the recent holiday season. I will make it even more of a typical blog post and add a storyline to it.


Recently I went home for Christmas for the first time in three years. Within that timeframe I’ve gotten 2 new nieces, 2 new nephews and have avoided a plethora of family drama. While I didn’t mind avoiding the drama, I felt that coming home to celebrate with my family was important and should probably happen from time to time. While I would miss drinking alone and eating Thai food while cuddling my dog for Christmas, sometimes you have to give in to more traditional holiday festivities.

During this trip I got drunk with my equally cynical sister quite a few times. The stress of the holiday season and having to be around family mixed with sisterly nostalgia means we are going to get hammered. And hammered we got.

On one such night, before Christmas Eve, my sister and I went to a gimmicky Mexican restaurant in the depressing town she lives in. It was decorated in typical tex-mex flare with caricatures of men in sombreros wearing ponchos, and photos of flashy margaritas dancing on the wall. Giving in to the atmosphere, we both decided to order CoronaRitas. If you’re not familiar with CoronaRitas it is just a margarita with drink clip holding a Corona that pours into the margarita as you drink. Example of one shown below (ours were bigger):


After having a few drinks and closing out our tab, we decided to steal these drink clips. The drink clips were old, the logo was faded, and who knows how well they clean them, but the idea was still too genius to pass up. We eagle-eyed every server in the bar until we finally decided it was clear and unclipped them, threw them into my purse and ran out laughing.

When we got back to her house we had another idea: what if we filled a glass with beer and then used the drink clip to pour another beer into it? It was perfect. You’re essentially drinking two beers without the need to double fist or go back to the fridge. I poured a glass of blue moon, added the clip and put a beer face down into the clip. It overflowed everywhere and made the floor sticky. It didn’t work. Bartenders must have some secret CoronaRita knowledge that they don’t share with the general public. I drank the remainder of the beer and passed out on her couch a little while later.

On Christmas morning my sister was scheduled to meet at my parents house at 10 am. At 9:30 am she sent me a text with just this:


She had done it. Somehow she had defied all laws of physics to have a blue moon pour into another blue moon. Apparently the trick is just doing it really quickly.

When she made it to my parents house we both made one for ourselves with the Stella Artois I bought for Christmas. It was the perfect Beer cocktail and will be a tradition for years to come.


I do not recommend putting the clip on a solo cup, because you’ll have to drink from a straw since it can’t support the weight very well. I do recommend drinking it very quickly as the top beer will get warm in time. It’s part of the game. Otherwise it’s a perfect holiday cocktail for you and your family to enjoy!

CoronaRita drink clips can be purchased on Amazon. I do not recommend stealing from restaurants.